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© 2017 par RKF Luxury Linen

Fashion week mars 2018 : UTOPIA by RKF



« UTOPIA : a fashion travel by RKF »
Live at Hôtel d’Evreux – Place Vendôme
March 6th 2018
Paris Fashion Week

Show produced by RKF Group founded by Riadh Bouaziz
Original idea of the project by Riadh Bouaziz and Christophe Dijoux
Staging by Christophe Dijoux and Jeremie Whistler

Hybrid collection « Everywhere Homewear » designed exclusively by RKF Innovation & Design
Global management by Leila Enjari
Production management by Hanane Fares
Creative Director : Christophe Dijoux
Fashion Designer : Anne-Catherine Ginot Koenig
Main dressmakers and pattern makers : Anne-Catherine Ginot Koenig, Adelaide Gy, Emeline Jacquet, Laurane Le Goff, Madison Machlanski, Florentin François Lafontaine

Project management team : Edith Albuquerque, Feriel Hannachi, Sabrina Fricaud
Public relations : Florine Roy, Souad Madmoune, Fadhel Bouaziz
Budget management team : Sandra Pelletier, Heidia Rahal, Stacy Jamot, Harlem Mboko-Touadikissa
Communication : Fatma Ben Hamouda, Feriel Hannachi

Swimwear : JOG Paris
Shoes : Maison Ernest Paris, design especially for RKF Luxury Linen
Drawing and screen-printing on the bridal gown : Studio Sauvage 
Jewels : Capt’n Super

Hair, make-up and nails : Before Beauty Bar
Perfume : Camylle

Original soundtrack : Jeremie Whistler - all rights reserved
Singer – songwriter – composer : Jeremie Whistler
Electro musician : Sylvain Le Formica
Strings : Popquartet
Strings arrangements : Celia Triplet Regost
Soundtrack contains samples from Schubert, Donna Summer and Madonna

« Birds’ song » : an ambient sound design by Greta Gratos (CD’s muse, icon and friend)
Courtesy of Greta Gratos – all rights reserved
From the show « Ladies are back »

Scenography by Christophe Dijoux exclusively for RKF Luxury Linen featuring Acap et Dp
Screenplay and art direction : Christophe Dijoux
Stage design : Acap et Dp, except mirror catwalk by EMA Events

Sound : Acap et Dp / Melting Potes Soultz / feat. Laurent Le Gall for Jeremie Whistler’s crew
Light : Nicolas Landspurg / Acap et Dp / Melting Potes Soultz
Technical crew : Nicolas Landspurg, Alain Landspurg, Corinne Landspurg, Chrystelle Eglin, Nicolas Schauner, Raphaël Schellenberger, Cécile Mercier, Gaetan Ricciuti

Choreography : Lydie Enguehard and Christophe Dijoux
Dancer : Roxanne

Botanical scenography : Atout Vert, design especially for the show
Luggage trolley : Caddie Hotel

Tale and voice : Benoît Allemane
Original story and texts by Christophe Dijoux

Backdrop videos created by Christophe Dijoux for RKF
Contains samples from Greta Gratos’s artworks for "When doves cry" music video

Models :
Fanny, Marion, Roxanne, Solène, Bintou, Alisson, Céline, Maylis, Marjorie, Chihiro, Alicia
Casting by Enjoy Models and Firstage

Welcome drink by Evian
After-show champagne cocktail in historic lounges by Potel et Chabot
Showroom by RKF Luxury Linen and EMA Events
RKF textile articles for the showroom : Cécile Vallotton, Laila Chikhi, Hanane Fares

Hosting by Mahola Hôtesses and RKF Luxury Linen’s team

Special gifts for the guests : Sothys Paris

A film by Firstage

Making-off : Etienne Kopp Photographie

Thanks a lot to everyone who made this project possible !
It’s a Dream come true…


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